Moringa seeds are not only a precious herb but also a medicine that often appears in folk remedies, especially for deep sleep and the following are the uses of this seed:

1. Provides iron

– Did you know 30g of moringa seeds have almost three times the amount of iron than the same amount of spinach?

– This is especially important for vegetarians or those with iron deficiency

– Our bodies need iron to increase blood flow and carry oxygen to muscles, organs and tissues.

– Therefore, moringa seeds will be an ideal suggestion to supplement your iron.

2. Regulating blood sugar

– Besides the ability to lower blood pressure, moringa seeds also help lower blood sugar.

– The abundant zinc concentration in the seeds supports insulin regulation.

– When the above process is normal, your blood sugar will also gradually stabilize.

3. Beautiful skin

– A combination of oleic acid and essential vitamins and minerals, moringa seed extract has the ability to penetrate the skin layers. It nourishes as well as enhances the production of collagen – a structural protein essential for maintaining youthful and supple skin.

4. Improve deep sleep

– For centuries, moringa has been used as a sedative.

– This nut will relieve stress and reduce fatigue to help you deep sleep

– Therefore, drinking warm water soaked moringa seeds before going to bed will help sleep deeply

and feel energized the next morning.

Hạt chùm ngây giúp ngủ sâu giấc

5. Good for cholesterol

– This seed contains no cholesterol at all. Therefore, you can take advantage of this nut to prevent high cholesterol

– High levels of cholesterol in the blood are associated with the development of heart disease

– In ancient Thai medicines, moringa seeds are classified as cardiovascular drugs,

Controls and improves the way the heart contracts.

– Seeds also contain a monounsaturated fatty acid called oleic acid

– Olec acid (commonly found in olive oil) has many health benefits and prevents blood clots or cardiovascular diseases.

– If you’re looking to improve your diet, replace animal fats with moringa seeds to lower cholesterol levels.

 6. Improve blood pressure

– Moringa seeds are effective in lowering blood pressure

– Hypertension has become a matter of concern due to the increasing number of patients.

– This health condition can cause serious heart problems, such as heart attack and stroke.

– To reduce pressure on blood vessels naturally, we should exercise regularly and lead a healthy lifestyle.

– Besides, Moringa seeds can help lower blood pressure, reduce lipid oxidation and protect heart tissues from damage

 7. Strengthens hair

– By taking care of our body from the inside, moringa seeds will benefit the hair.

– Vitamins in seeds help improve blood circulation through the scalp, help hair follicles grow, increase strength.

– This makes hair thicker and healthier.

– Zinc and vitamin A also promote hair growth, nourish hair tissues, keep sebaceous glands unclogged so hair follicles can absorb as many nutrients as possible

– With the above effects, it is no surprise that this nut has become a superfood

– And increasingly popular in many parts of the world.

 Note when using moringa seeds

– No matter how good it is, you must remove the shell of the seed before eating

– Don’t eat nuts on an empty stomach

– Do not eat this seed while you are breastfeeding or breastfeeding.

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